zondag 25 januari 2009

Traveling Kiki and Fimo Clay

Hello everybody,

I have two things to show you this Sunday. First I want to show you this quick little project I did for my siter-in-law. She works for Philips and travels all around the world for them and since we don't live that far from the airport she often comes to our house first so that I can drive her to the airport and she can leave her car in front of our house. She is one of the sweetest persons I know (hope she reads this because I mean it) and I thought the traveling Kiki from the new Pink Cat Studio Kiki set would be a great base for a little gift for her the next time I'm taking her to the airport. I made this little gift bag I bought at All That Scraps and filled it with Dutch coin licorice. Dutch licorice is as I understand something that is totally different from licorice in other parts of the world. A lot of Dutch people who go and live in other countries say that one of the things they miss most of Holland is the licorice. There are salt and sweet flavours of the stuff, I came across this cute site that sells you all the different types of Dutch licorice and other Dutch candy and cookies, I think they are aiming for those Dutch people I was talking about who miss home :). Anyway, here is the bag I made: And a close up:
Love that little Kiki, I thought Bon Voyage would make a great sentiment for this stamp so I made the sentiment with Microsoft Word. The paper is Basic Grey, I thought the black background to Kiki would be great with a bag of licorice. The ribbon is from stash and I used lots of gorgeous stickles.
The other project I want to show you is what I did at the Fimo Clay workshop yesterday. I didn't finish my neglace unfortunatelly, we ran very late and so I've asked Eveline who gave the workshop (you should check out her site: Crealine, she's amazing!!) if I could leave my beads there for her to bake so that I could pick them up later this week. I did take the canes I made with me though. This is the base for the beads I made. Here are the canes:
Not much to see this way but if you look at the end of a cane:

You can see that I made these cute little butterflies. You have to make all these litttle details of the butterfly in seperate canes, fill it up with the colour you want your bead to be and then make it into a very large cane and start roling. When the cane is finished you can cut it into little slizes and you can decorate your beads with them. To make the butterfly cane took me ages but I love how they turned out. I'll show the finished neglace to you when I have finished it.
That's it for me today. I'll be back later this week I promiss. Bye for now, have a great Sunday!!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. OHh lekker droppies ;) leuk zoals je dat gedaan hebt ;)
    Mooie cane ook!!! Kan je mooie knoopjes van maken voor op bloemen opje kaarten ;) hahaaha

    hugs Ria

  2. Fab job on the licorice bag!! What a lovely idea for a gift for your SIL. And the fimo cane you made is amazing!! I have a whole pile of fimo and have made some beeds but haven't yet tried making canes. The butterfly you made is so pretty! I can't wait to see the necklace you make!! You have so many talents :)

  3. Oooh, Mariska. . .your project is so cute and you did such a fabulous job coloring Kiki!! Your butterfly is so pretty too. I've never used Fimo. . .it's something that I'd like to try one day!!


  4. Mariska this is just awesome!! I love what you did with Kiki!! It is so cute and I will have to try that licorice sometime!! THe bead though is amazing!!! I would never have the skill or patience to make something as beautiful as that! It blew me away!

    Lots of smiles,

  5. WoW!
    This project is brilliant and beautiful!!

  6. whaouhhhhhhhh !!!! splendide fimo !!!! it's very difficult !!!!
    very good work mariska !!!
    hugs coco

  7. Mariska,

    This is fabulous too!!! I have to send my MIL to that site she makes this Dutch Pasty and I know I will spell it wrong, but Bunquet???

    I hear it is not so easy to make and one of my Sister in laws tried to make it and could not and she is an excellent cook!!!

    Anyway my Mother in Law lives in a Dutch community in Kansas and she makes this pastry every year to sell at the Ladies Aide auction, and it always sells for like $90 a pound!!!!


  8. What a cute gift bag, that licorice looks so yummy! Beautiful coloring! Your butterfly is pretty too!