woensdag 29 april 2009

I had the time of my life :)

Hi sweet friends,

Just a quick post from me to let you all know that I'm back :). Nothing to show though because I simply haven't had any chance to craft these past days but didn't miss it a bit so that's a good sign I guess :).

For those of you who were wondering what my sweetie had planned for me... we took our girls to his parents on Friday afternoon and after that he simply programmed my navigator and let me drive. We ended up in the Dutch National Park The Veluwe in a lovely hotel and when we walked to the reception I looked to my right and there were our best friends sitting in the sun having a drink. My best friend Diana and her husband Erwin are our closest and dearest friends and since they moved to another part of the country two years ago we don't see each other as much as we used to (but still very regularly :) ) and it was so much fun to spend the weekend together. On Saturday we went to Zwolle where my husband told me I should buy every piece of clothing I liked because he thought I needed new clothes... now isn't he sweet!! It was so much fun having Diana with me because we went into almost every clothing store and I ended up with a whole lot of bags with gorgeous new clothes, a neglace and sunglasses :). We had fantastic weather both days so we took time to have some drinks and ice creams in the sun and we had our dinner in a Spanish Tapas bar which was sooooooo yummie!!

On Sunday we went cycling in the woods and we visited a museum with a lot of paintings by Van Gogh amongst others. In the evening we went to a Indian restaurant and again... fantastic food!! We took our time getting back on Monday and I felt so relaxed and happy :).

And then (if that weekend wasn't enough..) yesterday I took my husband to Amsterdam for a concert in the Carre.. a gorgeous old circustheater. My sister in law stayed in our house with the kids. I had arranged for us to have dinner in the top of the Carre building with a view over the city of Amsterdam and that was both gorgeous as delicious. We went to the Dutch Eagles which is (the name tells the story really :) ) a Dutch cover band of the American band The Eagles. Both my sweetie and I think The Eagles are one of the greatest bands ever and we love their music. You can judge for yourself what you think of the Dutch Eagles when you click HERE, the link takes you to a YouTube video that was actually recorded during an outside concert we were at too and you might just recognize me singing in the clip :). I am the one singing with her eyes closed... so not proud of how I look on that video :S. But enough about the concert. I arranged for us to stay in a gorgeous hotel that I can totally recommend if you want to visite Amsterdam, so romantic and pretty and very close to the center. I can recommend the breakfast too, best I've ever had in a hotel!!

Sorry for the long story but I'm so excited about my past days (can you tell?). There were a whole lot of gorgeous stamps and papers waiting for me when I got back so I'll be back to crafts soon I promiss!! Have a great day everybody!!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so glad you had a great time, it sounds unbelievable! I'm jealous, lol! I think I will fall over and die if my hubby ever tells me to buy whatever I want. Lucky girl!

  2. Ahhh Geweldig dat je het zo naar je zin heb gehad ;) dat heb je ook wel is verdient hoor :)
    Dikke knuffel


  3. Mariska so happy you had a wonderful time, sounds lovely!! And new clothes, woohooo!! And so nice you could spend time with your friends. xx

  4. Wow!!! Sounds like you havd a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing Mariska
    Sandra xx