woensdag 26 augustus 2009

Sorry but I'll be back!!

Hi everybody,

Just a very quick word from me saying sorry for the long silence. I have been on a lovely Holiday and after that I have spend some time crafting but the only project I finished is for the next Pink Cat Studio Release so a no-show and the rest of the things I have been working on aren't finished yet. I have kind of lost my mojo again but this time I know where it went... I'll inform you in a couple of weeks :). I'm sure I'll have something to show you soon though so please don't give up on me sweet people!! I WILL be back soon :).


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hai Mariska,

    Dan zal ik moeten proberen geduldig af te wachten wat niet mee valt. Verheug me nu al op je nieuwe projecten !!

    lieve groetjes

  2. Aww, I am sure your mojo will be back very soon Mariska. Glad you had a lovely holiday. Looking forward to seeing your next Pink Cat Studio project.

  3. Hi Maris, fijn om te horen dat de vakantie gelsaagd was:-D Balen van je Mojo maar je vindt 'm vast snel weer terug;-)Ben erg benieuwd naar je Pink Cat project!

    Hugs, Inge xOx

  4. Maris, die mojo komt vanzelf weer terug joh. Je bent vast nog gewoon een beetje in de vakantie stemming;) Rustig aan want je dwingt creativiteit niet af. Of het is er of het is er niet.


  5. Hope to hear from you pretty soon. Good luck on whatever you're doing and God bless!

  6. Hhhmmmm??? Are you pregnant maybe??? Hope the MoJo returns very soon!!!