donderdag 26 januari 2012

Olba Glue now available in the USA!

Hi girls!!

This short post is especially for my blog followers in the USA. When you have seen one of the tutorials I did on how I 3D paper piece my images you will have noticed that I use a glue by a Dutch company named Olba. In the past I have had a lot of questions of American blog followers asking me if this product is also for sale in the USA, until now I have had to answer that question with no, and I know that some people ordered their glue in The Netherlands after that. But I have awesome news for those of you who want to try this glue either because you want to give the 3D paper piecing a go (there isn't a better product for that) or because you want a super glue to adhere all your flowers, charms or other embellishments to your cards. This is the best glue out there!!

Since yesterday Whimsy Stamps sells Olba Glue and the syringes I use to paper piece for a prize that is comparable or better then the prizes in Europe... and you don't get the overseas shipping costs or the long wait! I'll do a tutorial on the uses of this glue, the filling of the syringes and the best way to keep the glue in the February issue of the Whimsy Stamps Magazine but you can buy the glue and the syringes right now HERE.

If you have wanted to try this glue for ages you want to order fast! Just in case you want to see the tutorials I did where I use the glue, you can find a (VERY long) videotutorial HERE on the Whiff of Joy tutorials & inspiration blog, there are four videos but you'll want to watch video three (from around 4 minutes and on) and video 4, and a picture tutorial HERE on page 16 of the fifth issue of the Whimsy Stamps Inspirations Magazine.

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  1. Thank you so MUCH for letting me know!!! I did receive your email, but I never had any luck with them emailing me back with my questions!this is awesome news I will need to order some very soon!