maandag 18 augustus 2008

Life through your lens

With my babygirl Amy completely out of sink I haven't had a lot of time nor energy to make cards or scrap. My nights have been broken into pieces the last week with sometimes four wake up calls in a row and I can tell you... your not feeling that energetic in the morning when you have had just four hours of sleep in total. Especially when those nights follow three nights with hardly any sleep at all. But fortunately the last two nights were much better, I got to sleep from 12 pm till 6 am so now I finally feel like doing something out of the automatic pilot. And the result is not a card but a double scrapbook layout.

My three year old got our old camera when we bought our new one. She loves taking pictures of just about anything so the camera gets to go along to the Supermarket and the consultatieburo (I don't know the English term for that but it's where I have to bring Amy about ones every six weeks for vaccinations and checks). I love the pictures she has taken from her angle of the world so much that I dedicated this layout to them. In the center is the picture my husband took of her and on the right is Marco (my husband) taking that picture from her angle. I have sanded all her pictures and stamped with my Galaxy Gold Brilliance ink on dark brown cardstock and on the edges of the picture where she is taking a photo (the large stamp is from my Fancy Pants Blissful Season set and the little star is from my Pink Cat Studio Limitless Limbs Plate). Then I drew the letters and the big stars by hand, redid the lines with a golden and black marker and coloured them with my Derwent Watercolour Pencils. The Stars have an extra coating of Bella Liquid watercolor glitter by Stamping Bella (I don't know if that shows on the picture) and I added some white highlights.

I'm pretty pleased with the result and am glad to have done something finally!! I hope you like it!!


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