vrijdag 26 september 2008

Two awards!!

Hello everybody!

It's a bit quiet on my blog at the moment, I haven't had any time for crafting the last two weeks, I had to make time to finish my card for Sketch Saturday tomorrow. With that I didn't have the opportunity yet to tell you I have been given two awards. This first one I received from Coco and Becky:

And this second one I also received from Coco:

Thank you so much sweet ladies! How you with both your talents can give an award to me is besides me. I'm a big fan of both your work! You both have the amazing talent to add a lot of little details to a card and still make it 'work'. And both your colouring is amazing. Still you both have your own style which is so 'you', I love to visit both your blogs!!

I guess both awards are meant to be passed on to bloggers you really admire. I would like to pass on both awards to the next short list of women. There are much more blogs I love to visit but these blogs are on top of my list. I know all you ladies have probably already received these awards but still, I'd like to let you know how inspiring I think you girls are.

I'd have to start with Inge de Groot with her blog Patterned Paper. If it wasn't for Inge I probably wouldn't be making cards right now. I love her work but most of all her colouring which is incredible. Thank you Inge!!!

Second I'd like to give the awards to Rach from Papercrafts by Rach. She is not only one of the most talented people as far as I'm concerned in the 'card making world', she is the most attentive one. It is hard to visit a blog on card making which doesn't have a comment from Rach, and not only on cards made for challenges she is involved with as a DT member but a whole lot of other cards as well. I told you before Rach, I don't know where you find the time but thank you Rach!!!

The third one is Jacqui aka Cat's Wiskers. Everything that I just said about Rach goes for Jacqui as well. I love the cards she makes, her colouring is just amazing and like Rach she always leaves comments on everybodies blog. Your an amazing lady Jacqui, thank you!

The fourth is Jenn from Kiyomi Krafts. I love her cards and her colouring with markers is brilliant. And have you seen her Aloha Fridays? I love those! They have been so helpfull to me. Thank you Jenn!

And then last but not least I want to give the awards to Marlene. Her style is gorgeous. Like Coco and Becky she knows how to add a whole lot of detail but still make a card complete and not to much. The first time I visited her blog I was blown away with all these amazing cards. Gorgeous work and an amazing style. Thank you Marlene!

If you haven't visited one of the seven blogs mentioned above (Coco's and Becky's included) you shouldn't waist anymore time but click on. They are amazing!


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  1. Oh thank you so much Mariska for your lovely kind words and also for givving me these lovely awards, thank you so much I really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend
    hugs Jacqui x