dinsdag 25 november 2008

Just wanted to let you know...

That I'm still allive people :). I'm sorry for not posting for a great number of days now and for not visiting your blogs as much as I should. I've been having a lot of micraines last week and that kind of brought me down. I didn't have any energy by the end of last week which is why I had to ask Jo to excuse me for last weeks Sketch Saturday (which she was very sweet about, thank you again sweetie!!). I got really cheered up the last couple of days though. First Friday we had friends come by and we played a new came on the XBox 360 together, I don't know if you know it but it's called Guitar Hero World Tour. They brought along their guitar and microphone and we had a blast, I really needed that!! And then last Sunday my mum took me out for the musical Tarzan. I wasn't feeling up to it to tell you the truth, I was telling Marco all Sunday that I would prefer to stay home but that I would go for my mum's sake (she doesn't speak any English and has never visited this blog before so I'm safe typing this) but it turned out to be such an incredible musical that at the end of the evening I was so happy she took me. And then, to top things of, yesterday and today I received all these late birthday cards from my dear Design Team friends. The post between the UK and Holland is terrible, I already knew that, but there timing couldn't have been better. I was completely suprised, I did receive gorgeous cards and goodies from my dear Design Team Friends Jo and Jeanette before my birthday but the last few days I've been so spoiled all over again. Thank you so much sweeties!!! Here is a picture of their gorgeous creations and the goodies they've enclosed. Thank you again Jo, Jeanette, Gill, Sandra, Coco, Tracie and Debbie!!! You're the best!!!

I was already very much spoiled on my birthday. My husband gave me this bike:

It's the Gazelle Cabby and in the front there is a place for Dyanne to sit with seatbelts, there are adapters for the Maxi Cosi for Amy and I have a tent to keep them dry. The last couple of days I've been using it a couple of times and I love it (and Dyanne and Amy love it even more :) ). I've been wanting a save way to travel by bike and take my two girls along and this is perfect. And it isn't hard to drive at all!! This of course was my largest gift but I received lots more among which the Tarzan tickets, a bunch of Magnolia stamps (!!!) and a workshop to make chocolates!!

Well, enough for now. I'll get back to the colouring of my images for next weeks Sketch Saturday! Have a great day (or what's left of it :) )!!!



4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow Mariska you really got spoiled, sorry to hear you've not been well, but glad you're better now, can't wait to see more gorgeous cards with your new goodies and.....cool bike!!
    have a lovely evening hun
    hugs Gill x

  2. yes yes yes you're are the best !!!!
    I hope that your migraines do not return! I know that I am like you in this case, more computer!
    so I am very pleased that you like my card and my pictures!!
    See you soon Mariska !!!
    hugs coco XX

  3. YAY! glad to see you back, hope you are feeling better now (((hugs)))
    being spoilt is a great healer too eh?
    Take care, and please don't worry if you're not upto cardmaking this week either, you need to rest and get better because the big man in the red suit is coming soon and you can't be ill for his arrival can you?

    ((((hugs))) Jo xx

  4. Hope you are feeling lots better now. Sounds like you have had a super birthday. That bike looks incredible
    looking forward to seeing more of your ovely creations.
    Take care, hugs
    Sandra xx