maandag 16 november 2009

Big news for the Pink Cat Studio fans

Hi ladies,

You may have noticed already because I'm a bit late with this post but a couple of the digi-images Melissa has been offering the last few months are now also available in rubber. Good news I think for all the rubber addicts out there (I admit, I belong to this group too :) ). You can see a picture of the three “Lily in Winter” themed rubber stamp sets above. Each set has 3 stamps which include a large Lily stamp, a small coordinating stamp and a sentiment. Be sure to visit the PCS website to see the new stamps:


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  1. Hey Mariska! Wow, thanks for the amazing comments!! That's such an honor coming from you!! I have actually been a fan of your Pink Cat Studio creations!! I think your coloring style is so beautiful! I am so glad you found my blog, because when I clicked on yours I spotted these new singles!! I wanted that Lily on the snowflake swing so badly!! I am so thrilled she's availaible in rubber! Did you get some TGF fairies? If so, I cannot wait to see what amazing cards YOU make with them! Thanks again!