woensdag 22 oktober 2008

Look what I got!!!

I have been so spoiled the last week. Not only did I receive the High Hopes stamps I told you about in my previous post but today the postman brought me this:
It's a very cute card with a lot of stamped images from my dear friend Becky. I love the images but most of all I love the card, I love Becky's wire, she uses that on a lot of her card and I think that makes her cards so special and she used wire on my card as well. Furthermore I got to see her fantastic colouring from up close and personal and I love that. Thank you Becky! You are so sweet!!

And if that's not enough two of my dear blogging buddies and fellow Design Team members at Sketch Saturday have awarded me with this award:

Thank you so much Coco and Tracie! You know I love you guys and your work! Now I'm going to have to pass this award on to six other people but I love so many of you guys blogs that I really don't know who to pick anymore. So I'm going to take Becky's example and give this card to all the people who visit my blog. If you don't have it yet, feel free to claim it as yours!!

Again, have a great day people!!


1 opmerking:

  1. Oh wow Mariska! How fast was that?? I'm so glad you liked the images and the card!
    Have fun with them!
    Love Becky xx