zondag 24 januari 2010


I went to the blog of my friend Diana to see if she had another fabulous creation posted today and to my surprise I saw that she had received an award (that was no surprise) and had passed it on to little old me! Dank je wel Diaan!! As I understand I now need to inform you on the ten things that make me happy most, well here goes:

  1. My two lovely girls Dyanne and Amy;
  2. My best friend who also happens to be my husband Marco;
  3. The little baby in my tummy that keeps growing and keeps letting me know more and more clearly that he is there;
  4. My family and friends and spending time with them;
  5. Going out for a nice dinner or a good show;
  6. My blog, my hobby and the friendships and opportunities it has given me;
  7. The fact that I have had the chance to join the Pink Cat Studio Design Team, I wouldn't trade the opportunity to work with Melissa for any design team in the world;
  8. Shopping for my two girls or the new baby... I LOVE that!;
  9. Shopping for crafts supplies;
  10. Receiving the parcels I have ordered and checking my new goodies for the first time :).
As I understand I have to pass the award on to three blogging buddies. I have decided to just pick the three first people that came to mind and who didn't have the award on their blog already:

  1. Martine with her blog Madeliefjuh;
  2. Monique with her blog Monique's weblog;
  3. Coco with her blog Scrapcoco.
I could have named a million other girls but these are three of the girls who always send me such sweet comments and I should visit their gorgeous blogs much more often to check out their gorgeous creations! Thank you girls!!! Bedankt meiden voor jullie commentaren altijd!!!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Gefeliciteerd met de award Mariska.. leuk om alle dingen die je blij maken te lezen! xx Marley

  2. het is je meer dan gegund Maris...en leuk om het 1 en ander van je te lezen !!

    diana x

  3. Wat lief van je Mariska !! Dank je wel :)).

    groetjes Monique

  4. oh thank you very much Mariska !!!
    big hugs coco